#104: Chickens, cowpea, and sorghum

Welcome to Farm Radio Resource Pack 104! The Pack contains a wide variety of topics,
designed to appeal to a wide range of broadcasters in many parts of Africa. These topics include the value chain for chickens and cowpea, using insects as chicken and fish feed, the benefits of using high quality rice seed in northern Ghana, preventing HIV and AIDS in people with disabilities, the benefits of owning and caring for donkeys, and best practices for producing Irish potatoes—plus a feature on a farmer who makes and uses his own neem biopesticide!

The backgrounders in this Pack provide key information on growing the Ethiopian grain called teff, and on maize production.

We are also pleased to present Broadcaster how-to (BH2) documents on two critical subjects. The first is the F.A.I.R. Journalism standards for farmer programs. We also present a BH2 which details the responsibilities and activities of a farmer radio program producer.

Lastly there is a Broadcaster how-to document which focuses on how to conduct effective panel discussions.

# 102: Raising guinea fowl

Apialore Alagiwugah raises Guinea fowl. Listening to Farm Radio has helped him keep more of his keets from dying

Welcome to Farm Radio Resource Pack 102! The Pack is entitled: Raising guinea fowl. Four of its ten items focus on raising these birds which are not only nutritious, but can bring in a tidy income.

The Pack also contains four items on other farming topics. Finally, this Pack features two broadcaster-how-to documents. One addresses a really important issue: how to operate an effective phone-in program.

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