#105: Farm Radio Resource Pack

Welcome to Farm Radio Resource Pack 105! The Pack contains a wide range of topics, designed to appeal to broadcasters in many parts of Africa

Three of the Pack items focus on aspects of the cowpea and chicken value chains. We also include items on how to raise quail, using conservation agriculture and agroforestry practices to address climate change, and on standards for growing and harvesting cassava. Two additional scripts talk about growing common beans.

Pack #105 contains three backgrounders and three broadcaster how-to documents.

Two backgrounders provide key information about soil: on soil fertility and soil erosion. Our third backgrounder outlines the key information about growing common beans.

The first BH2 is entitled, How to plan and produce effective emergency response programming for farmers. The second is all about being an effective host of a regular farmer program. Our third BH2 describes how to organize a community event which originated in West Africa and is called jeu public or public game.

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