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Terminology guide to discussing sexual and reproductive health and rights

May 31, 2024

Abortion: A procedure that ends a pregnancy. Abortion is sometimes referred to as “getting rid of a pregnancy.” The circumstances surrounding an abortion are often complicated, emotional, and different for every individual, so using neutral phrases such as “deciding not to continue with a pregnancy” or “choosing not to move through a full pregnancy” may…

Misconceptions about contraceptives

February 23, 2024

HOST:                                                Good morning (afternoon, evening), listeners, and welcome to our weekly health show. Misconceptions about contraceptives are prevalent in many communities in Malawi, particularly among adolescents. Contraceptives is a complex topic, influenced by cultural, social, and educational factors. It’s also important to note that perceptions, beliefs, and perspectives can vary widely within any society….

Clandestine abortion in Mali

November 21, 2023

HOST:       Dear listeners, welcome to your weekly program on your favourite radio station.   We are honoured to have three guests in the studio to discuss the topic of the day: clandestine abortion. We’ll be discussing the causes, consequences, and possible solutions to prevent clandestine abortions, which often endanger women’s lives. We’ll hear…

Backgrounder and FAQs on puberty

September 22, 2023

Introduction Puberty is a period during which the human body changes from childhood to adulthood. The sexual organs and the body develop and/or change. The bodily changes observed during puberty are due to major hormonal changes. The endocrine glands, notably the ovaries and testes, produce sex hormones. This transformation can make girls and boys question…

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

July 22, 2023

Here is our theme pack for July, this time featuring some of our most recent resources on sexual and reproductive health and rights. This pack has 13 elements, including four interview scripts, one drama, one set of suggested interview questions, one set of spots, and six Barza Wire stories. Two resources are available in Swahili,…

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

May 25, 2023

Introduction Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. HIV targets and kills cells in your blood called “CD4+ cells*,” also known as “T cells*.” These cells help protect your body from disease. As the virus impairs or destroys the functioning of these immune cells, infected individuals gradually become immunodeficient,…

Nutritious crops

May 22, 2023

Here is our theme pack for May, this time all about nutritious crops. This pack has 12 elements, including one backgrounder, four interview scripts, one drama, one set of spots, and five Barza Wire stories. Two resources are available in Swahili.   Backgrounders Backgrounder on nutrition Interviews Health benefits of sorghum, the forgotten cereal African…

Accurate information leads to a healthy life!

March 2, 2023

Here is our theme pack for February, this time about a variety of health issues, including safe breastfeeding and weaning practices, good nutrition, and good hygiene for good health. This pack consists of 11 elements, including three backgrounders, three interview scripts, one set of radio spots, and four Barza Wire stories. Backgrounders Backgrounder: Recommended breastfeeding…

Katungwe Nkukankhana: (See-saws work by pushing each other) Power imbalances in relationships and how to share work and decisions

February 1, 2023

Characters CHIMWEMWE: Newly married to Takondwa. Only son in his family and not involved in activities traditionally considered to be women’s work in Malawi. TAKONDWA: Newly married and wife of Chimwemwe. Grew up in a family where male and female children shared housework equitably. NAGAMA: Wife of Betha, and a Cluster leader in the Scaling…

How parents can model a change in attitude towards sexual and reproductive health and rights

February 1, 2023

HOST: Hello and welcome, listeners! In the program this afternoon, we will discuss how parents can model a change in attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and rights, also known as SRHR. I will take you to one of the districts in Malawi where youths are busy with various activities that help to develop their…