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Read FRI’s resources on unpaid care work

Dear broadcasting partner,

Here is our latest monthly theme pack of FRI resources, this month all about unpaid care work.

This theme pack includes a total of 15 elements , including two backgrounders, four interview scripts, one radio spot, suggested interview questions and eight Barza Wire stories.


Unpaid care work

Frequently asked questions


The value of men who help raise their children

How a family divides tasks to address gender inequities

Addressing gender inequities in unpaid care work in rural and urban Kenya

Encouraging girls to stay in school

Radio spots

Radio spots on unpaid care

Barza Wire stories

Nigeria: Household responsibilities—a women’s burden or shared?

Malawi: Woman supports her family with income from high-value crops

Mali: Religious leaders raise awareness about sharing domestic work

Burkina Faso: Couple support each other to manage household tasks

Togo: Woman advocates for recognition of unpaid care and shared domestic responsibilities

Ghana: A couple’s commitment to shared duties

Burkina Faso: Roukiyatou Compaoré steps up as family leader in husband’s absence

Malawi: Women’s participation in community and political groups drives positive change

Resources available in Amharic
ያለ ክፍያ የሚሰራ የእንክብካቤ ስራን በተመለከተ የተዘጋጁ የሬዲዮ ስፖቶች
ያለ ክፍያ በሚሰሩ የእንክብካቤ ስራዎች ላይ በተደጋጋሚ የሚጠየቁ ጥያቄዎች
ቡርኪናፋሶ፡ ጥንዶች የቤት ውስጥ ሥራዎችን ለመስራት እርስ በርሳቸው ይደጋገፋሉ።

Resources available in Luganda  

Omukyala awagira okusiima okulabirira okutasasulwa n’obuvunaanyizibwa bw’awaka obw’okugabana
 Ebibuuzo ebibuuzibwa ku kulabirira okutasasulwa 
Ebifo bya leediyo kukulabirira okutasasulwa

Resources available in Swahili
Matangazo ya Redio kuhusu kazi za utunzaji bila Malipo
Maswali Yanayoulizwa Mara kwa Mara kuhusu kazi za matunzo bila malipo
Mwanamke anatetea kutambuliwa kwa kazi za utunzaji ambazo hazina malipo na majukumu ya pamoja ya nyumbani

We hope that this kind of “one-stop shop” on selected topics is useful, and that you can use the resources in this month’s theme pack to make effective programming on unpaid care work.

Please use and enjoy these resources. Let us know if they’re useful—and exactly how you use them!

Happy broadcasting,