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April 22, 2023

Here is our theme pack for April, this time all about rice. This pack has 12 elements, including three backgrounders, one interview script, one drama, one set of spots, and six Barza Wire stories. One resource is available in Bambara, in both written and audio format.   Backgrounders Rice production and post-harvest activities The System…

Resources to celebrate World Food Day 2022: Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow

October 11, 2022

Our theme pack of FRI resources for October addresses food safety, including food and meal-time hygiene practices as well as food processing and storage techniques to keep food fresh longer. This theme pack includes seven items from our Resource Packs: two series of radio spots, two backgrounders, two scripts, and one narrative. It also includes…

Selecting seeds and storing them for next season with agroecological principles

October 4, 2022

SFX: Signature tune up then under. HOST: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s program, where we are going to learn about selecting and storing seeds for next season with agroecological techniques. To talk about it, I visited Mr. Emmanuel Kakore, a farmer who lives in Kisiwani village, Same District in the Kilimanjaro Region of northern…

Maize, groundnuts, soybean, and rice production

August 9, 2022

  Spot #1: Managing weeds in maize and soybean   FARMER 1: (SOUND OF BIRDS) Are you hand-weeding again, (name of farmer)? FARMER 2: (LAUGHS) This is the time of year when weeds grow the fastest. FARMER 1: But your maize and soybean look fine. Why pay so much attention to weeds? FARMER 2: Two…

Warehouse receipt systems: Security and better prices for grain farmers

March 4, 2022

HOST: What is a co-operative according to your understanding? KETTIE FULAYI: A co-operative is a group of farmers who do things together to promote their farming businesses and their well-being. The co-operative that I belong to is called Gwiritse and consists of eight business centres, which are also made of clubs. For example, Mgoola business…

Production and post-harvest activities for rice in Ghana

February 24, 2022

Save and edit this resource as a Word document Introduction  Why is this subject important to listeners? Because rice farmers in Ghana should know: How to prepare their lands for cultivating rice. The volume of seeds to sow when planting and how to space them. How to select land that is suitable for rice production….

Radio spots on cassava, part 2

February 24, 2022

Spot #1: Financial planning   FARMER #1: Greetings, (name of farmer). Are you excited about the new farming season? FARMER #2: Yes! I just finished my financial plan, so I’m ready. FARMER #1: What do you mean your financial plan? You haven’t even bought seeds yet. FARMER #1: I mean that I’ve made a plan…

Post-harvest activities in pigeon pea

February 23, 2022

Save and edit this resource as a Word document Introduction  Almost one-quarter (22%) of total pigeon pea production in Mozambique is lost due to lack of effective pre-harvest, harvest, and post-harvest practices. Promoting the adoption of improved pre- and post-harvest practices and practices to control moisture levels can not only increase yields and quality, but…

Climate change

December 22, 2021

Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for December, this time about climate change. This month’s theme pack includes eight items from our Resource Packs, including three backgrounders, three interview scripts, one set of radio spots, and one other type of resource. It also includes 10 Barza Wire Farmer stories. One resource is available…

System of Rice Intensification, including marketing and the impact of climate change

September 6, 2021

Introduction   Rice is a cereal that originated in Asia and grows in all humid and sunny regions of Africa. Rice grows in water and produces a panicle * containing 100 to 200 grains. Rice is sown, then transplanted when it is 20 to 30 cm high. Rice is rich in starch, vitamins, minerals, and…