Theme pack

Here is our theme pack for April, this time all about rice.

This pack has 12 elements, including three backgrounders, one interview script, one drama, one set of spots, and six Barza Wire stories. One resource is available in Bambara, in both written and audio format.



Rice production and post-harvest activities

The System of Rice Intensification, including marketing and the impact of climate change

Ghana production and post-harvest activities for rice


Rice producers in Mali adopt new strategies to sell their rice


Rice farming: Yaayaa adopts new methods and gets a bountiful harvest


Radio spots on rice

Barza Wire stories

Mali: Women adopt mechanized rice harvesting and drying to reduce post-harvest losses

Mali: Women process rice to reduce post-harvest losses

Nigeria: Loans from rice co-operative help members buy milling machines

Nigeria: Rice farmers benefit from keeping records

Ghana: Young rice seller and family profit from hearing market prices on the radio

Ghana: Rice farmers fail to control weeds due to influx of fake and substandard herbicides


The following resource is available in Bambara in written and audio format:

Ɲɛfɔli sɛbɛn malo sɛnɛ sɔrɔbalaman cogo kun kan ani min bɛ tali kɛ fana jago fɛnw lakodɔnli la ani waati yɛlɛma kɔlɔlɔ baara taabolo nafamanw la ani cɛw ni musow bɛɛ damkɛɲɛli baaraw la

Système De Culture Intensive Du Riz, Marketing Et L’impact Du Changement Climatique — En Bambara


We hope that this kind of “one-stop shop” on selected topics is useful, and that you can use the resources in this month’s theme pack to make effective programming on rice.