# 70: Gender and Nutrition

The five radio scripts sent to partners with this newsletter are produced
from previously published Network material. They focus on different
aspects of women’s contribution to food production and good nutrition,
and are intended to stimulate discussion about the vital role that
women play as farmers, food providers, and caretakers of their families
and communities.

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# 67: Rebuilding Rural Lives & Livelihoods

Most communities are affected by conflict of some kind. Your community may not be affected by armed conflict, but it is probably affected by local disputes. For example, many communities are involved in conflict over natural resources, such as land or water. Broadcasters have a role to play in conflict prevention, analysis, resolution and rebuilding. Following are some of the issues that are important to discuss on your radio programs to help your listeners, especially farmers and refugees, address and overcome conflict.

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# 66: From Harvest to Market

Better post-harvest methods – proper storage, food processing – can benefit farmers in many ways. With adequate storage, a farmer can decide when to sell the crops intended for market – sometimes waiting until the prices are higher, rather than selling immediately after harvest. Or, if the harvest is meant to feed the family, good storage and processing methods can ensure increased food supplies and better nutrition. In the following programs, we also discuss why prices change; how to interpret prices; how to calculate marketing costs. With the right information, farmers can plan their production to meet market demand, schedule their harvests at the most profitable times, decide where to sell their produce, and negotiate better deals with traders.

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