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Fact Sheet on Bamboo

June 20, 2012

Description of bamboo plants: Bamboos are woody grasses that grow up to 40 meters tall. Bamboos can be classified by the types of roots they have. Some, called runners, spread widely, and others, called clumpers, have roots that slowly expand from the original planting. Bamboo culms (stems) are normally round, jointed, sometimes thorny, and can…

Deforestation and Global Warming: Who is Responsible?

June 20, 2012

Signature tune, fade out. HOST: Good morning (afternoon, evening). If you have recently noticed that you feel hot and uncomfortable in the changing environment, and you want to know what trees can do for us, and you want to know something about global warming, then stay tuned as Nananom (elders) and a forestry officer discuss…

Forests shall heal the land

June 4, 2012

PART ONE: SFX: Signature tune fades in and fades out Host: The Tiv tribesmen of central Nigeria have a wise saying: “As long as the ailment remains with the patient, doses of medication are necessary for hope.” The hot air around us that has reduced farm yield, shortened rainfalls and caused wood shortages remains, so we…

Paying farmers for environmental services

May 30, 2012

HOST: Hello everyone. Today you will hear how a partnership between the World Agroforestry Centre or ICRAF, the Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University in the United States, and the Government of Malawi is teaching Malawian farmers the importance of dedicating a piece of land to tree planting for carbon sequestration or storage, and for timber…

Farmers in Niger benefit from letting trees grow in their fields

May 30, 2012

HOST: Welcome, listeners. Today we are going to talk about a farming practice called Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration or FMNR, which is practiced by many farmers in southern Niger. In FMNR, farmers protect and actively manage the regrowth of certain types of trees in their fields in order to bring back vegetation to an arid…

‘When it rains’: The role of trees and shrubs in preventing soil erosion

April 26, 2012

‘When it rains’ part 1 Bring up music and cross fade into effect. Cricket sounds in the distance. Heavy winds blowing. A crack of thunder and then heavy rain. Hold the rain for 3 seconds. Keke: (Yawning) Nothing like the morning after a rain. I can not only feel, but smell the fresh air. Chirping…

Which is the Most Important Tree of All?

October 1, 2005

Program #1 All trees are very important. But many times I ask people this question. Which is the most important tree of all? This is a very important question. The most important tree is the one whose use you do not know. Many times people argue that they cut down trees because they don’t know…

Villagers in Malawi Discuss the Role of Trees in Their Community

October 1, 2005

SIGNATURE TUNE Narrator: Good afternoon farmers and all listeners. Today we are going to hear a program that comes to you from ‘The Story Workshop’ in Malawi. MUSICAL JINGLE: Let us take care of Natural forest. There are many wild fruit trees there, There are bwemba trees, There are masuku trees, There are baobab trees….

Camels Provide Farmers in Drylands with Milk and Income

October 1, 2005

Host: Good morning (evening, afternoon), Mr. Kipaseyia. Welcome to our program today. Kipaseyia: I am very happy to be here and talk about the benefits and the wonders of camels. Host: Camels are not native to this part of Kenya, I believe. How were they first introduced? Kipaseyia: In 1995 there was a bad drought….

Improved Fallows Provide Benefits for Farmers

October 1, 2005

SOUND OF RUNNING FOOTSTEPS. Farmer 1: (upset) Sam, Sam are you there? Come quickly… someone is occupying my field! Farmer 2: Hello neighbour! What’s the problem? You say someone is occupying your field? Farmer 1: I was just coming home from town – passing my fields – when I noticed something peculiar. The field that…