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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for September, which includes resources on maize, soybean, rice, cowpea, and millet.

This month’s theme pack includes 17 items from our Resource Packs, including six backgrounders, four interview scripts, four dramas, two series of spots, and one narrative. It also includes five Farmer stories.


Backgrounder on reducing post-harvest loss in maize
Backgrounder on maize production
Backgrounder on growing soybean
Backgrounder on rice production and post-harvest activities
Backgrounder on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
Cowpea production

Interview scripts

Adding value to farm produce: Soybeans
Storing cowpea seeds for a season and a reason
How millet farmers are adapting to climate change in northern Ghana
The advantages of growing and using finger millet


Madeline and Musa: Soybean practices for better yields and income
Rice farming: Yaayaa adopts new methods and gets a bountiful harvest
Successful pest management in cowpea: What farmers need to know
When opportunity knocks, open the door wide: Managing pests in cowpeas


Radio spots on rice
Radio spots on maize


New technique reduces work needed to thin millet

Barza Wire stories

Ethiopia: Maize farmers grow special plants to manage Fall armyworm
Tanzania: Hybrid maize increases harvest, but also cost
Tanzania: Earning a good income with soybeans through contract farming
Ghana: Young rice seller and family profit from hearing market prices on the radio
Tanzania: Reduced tilling brings big rewards for millet and sorghum farmers
Ghana: Rice farmers fail to control weeds due to influx of fake and substandard herbicides

The following resources are available in Swahili:

Taarifa za kina: Kupunguza upotevu wa mahindi baada ya mavuno
Taarifa za kina: Uzalishaji wa Mahindi
Nakala juu ya kilimo cha maharage ya soya
Jinsi wakulima wa mtama kaskazini mwa Ghana wanavyolima kulingana na mabadiliko ya hali ya hewa
Madeline na Musa: Kilimo cha maharage ya Soya kwa mazao bora na kipato
Tanzania: Utifuaji mdogo wa udongo unawalipa wakulima wa mtama na uwele

The following resource is available in Amharic:

ኢትየፐጵያ: የቦቆሎ አርሶ አደሮች ፈጣን ሁሉን አውዳሚ ተምችን ለመቆጣጠር ልዩ ዛፎችን ያበቅላሉ

This theme pack is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through AGRA. The contents are the responsibility of Farm Radio International and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID.