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The theme pack includes six items from our Resource Packs: two backgrounders, one interview script, two dramas, and one other item. The backgrounders are also available in Hausa. The theme pack also includes six Barza Wire Farmer stories.


Production of Irish potatoes

Post-harvest management of Irish potatoes


Growing potatoes brings increased income to farmers in Kabale, Uganda


Be a hare, not a hyena: Growing standards for hard-working potato farmers

Mr. Bana’s mill: Quality standards for fresh potatoes and cassava


Diffused light storage for seed potatoes

Barza Wire stories

Burundi: The queen of seed potatoes

Madagascar: Farmers grow potatoes to fill the rice gap

Tanzania: Good planting practices improve Irish potato harvest

Kenya: Struggling potato growers sign a new deal

Zimbabwe: Potato farming offers hope to HIV positive farmer

Nigeria: Farmers adopt recommended practices to manage late blight in Irish potato


The following resources are available in Hausa:


Noman Dankalin Turawa

Kula da dankali bayan Girbi


The following resources are available in Swahili:


Kupanda Viazi kunaongeza kipato kwa wakulima wa Kabale, nchini Uganda

Barza Wire stories:

Tanzania: Mbinu bora za kilimo za boresha mavuno ya viazi

This theme pack is supported by a grant from The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) implementing the Green Innovation Centre project in Nigeria in partnership with AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants.