Interview scripts feature interviews with two farmers or rural people and one or two subject-matter experts, exploring a challenge and possible solutions. They also feature and intro and extro by the radio show host. They are written by African journalists, based on real interviews.

Interview scripts can be translated and adapted as necessary to suit the local context, then performed on air as dramatized interviews. Or reach them as inspiration and guidance for your own interviews.

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Mali: Forced marriage, an obstacle to youth development in Mali and West Africa

  HOST :  Hello, dear listeners, welcome to our show. Today, we’ll be talking with our guests about forced marriage, who will speak about the causes and consequences of forced marriage. We’ll also talk about what associations and organizations are doing to put an end to the practice. We will talk to three resource persons.…

What the new rules for animal health technicians in South Africa mean for AHTs and farmers

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC UP, THEN FADE OUT HOST:                                                Hello and welcome to today’s program, discussing the new rules governing the work of animal health technicians in South Africa, also referred to as para-veterinarians. In this radio script, we will hear from five resource persons who explain how the recent rule changes are expected to affect…

Human trafficking in Mali

HOST: Good morning, dear listeners. Today, we are going to talk to you about human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Mali. Located in West Africa, Mali also borders countries in North Africa. This situation facilitates human trafficking in various ways. These are high migration areas where borders are not well controlled. People enter, leave, and…

Causes and consequences of early and forced marriage

FADE UP SIGNATURE TUNE, THEN OUT HOST: Early and forced marriage is a human rights violation and a type of gender-based violence. These practices have enormous consequences on a girl’s life. They affect her health, the development of her body, and her education. In early and forced marriage, the girl’s consent is not taken into…

How parents can model a change in attitude towards sexual and reproductive health and rights

HOST: Hello and welcome, listeners! In the program this afternoon, we will discuss how parents can model a change in attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and rights, also known as SRHR. I will take you to one of the districts in Malawi where youths are busy with various activities that help to develop their…

Premarital sex

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC UP, THEN FADE OUT HOST: Hello and welcome to today’s program about premarital sex. This is a topic that primarily concerns teenagers, young people, and unmarried couples, who are often curious about their sexuality and about engaging in sex before marriage. To answer our questions, we have five speakers. They are: Aboubacar Traoré…

Preparing feed for local chickens in agroecological ways

HOST: Hello, listener, and welcome to today’s program. While the genetic make-up of local chickens is one factor that influences the quality of their meat and eggs, another factor is the type of feed they eat. This is one of the factors that differentiates local chickens from other breeds of chickens, including improved chickens. Whether…

Domestic violence: Consequences and causes

HOST: Hello dear listeners, welcome to our program. Today, with our guests, we will talk about domestic violence, a form of gender-based violence, also referred to as GBV. They will talk about the causes and consequences of domestic violence, as well as the measures taken by organizations and individuals to address it. They will also…

Myths and misconceptions about sexual consent and contraceptives

HOST: Good morning, and welcome to our program about myths and misconceptions on sexual consent and contraceptives. Today we will hear from three speakers. Suzanne Traoré is a young woman who used to believe false rumours about sexual consent and birth control. She will share her experience with us. Thiery Idrissa Goro is a lawyer…

Selecting seeds and storing them for next season with agroecological principles

SFX: Signature tune up then under. HOST: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s program, where we are going to learn about selecting and storing seeds for next season with agroecological techniques. To talk about it, I visited Mr. Emmanuel Kakore, a farmer who lives in Kisiwani village, Same District in the Kilimanjaro Region of northern…