Drama scripts are a great way to illustrate a situation and explore complexities and emotions surrounding the issue. Our drama scripts generally feature just a few characters, and may be aired during one or several episodes.

Drama scripts can be read by local actors, or (for very short and simple dramas) by broadcasters themselves.

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Yayablé is not crazy: How a husband learned to treat his wife and children with respect

Main characters: Yayablé: Head of the family, Djôminè’s husband, and an important citizen of Tènèbougou Djôminè: Yayablé’s wife Sidi: First child and son of Yayablé and Djôminè Dodo: Second child and daughter of Yayablé and Djôminè Zanzou: Yayablé’s friend and Djôminè’s brother The narrator     SCENE 1: Yayablé and his values   NARRATOR: Yayablé…

Katungwe Nkukankhana: (See-saws work by pushing each other) Power imbalances in relationships and how to share work and decisions

Characters CHIMWEMWE: Newly married to Takondwa. Only son in his family and not involved in activities traditionally considered to be women’s work in Malawi. TAKONDWA: Newly married and wife of Chimwemwe. Grew up in a family where male and female children shared housework equitably. NAGAMA: Wife of Betha, and a Cluster leader in the Scaling…

Are you mine? Sexual consent in young people

Characters: The narrator; Hamidou, Sokoura’s fiancé; Sokoura, Hamidou’s fiancée; Lassi, Hamidou’s friend; Bamineta, social advisor; Mr. Samaké, the village teacher   Scene I: How it all began between Hamidou and Sokoura   NARRATOR: In this first scene, Sokoura learns that her parents have accepted Hamidou’s engagement kola. She is delighted with them because she has…

Making money safely from agriculture during COVID-19

CHARACTERS JUMA: Man in his early 30s. Is married to Sarah and they have a young daughter, Jacky. He works as a chef in a hotel in the city. SARAH: Juma’s wife and a primary schoolteacher. She loves the city. KAMAU: Vegetable supplier in the city and middleman between farmers and city buyers. ALI: Juma’s…

Why and how youth should get involved in agriculture

CHARACTERS: ALEX: Young man in his early 20s. He completed high school but did not continue to college. He is unemployed and has tried his hand in business so many times, but nothing has worked. He is frustrated and is contemplating a life of crime. AMARA: A young man in his mid 20s, recently married,…

Safely managing VSLAs (chamas) during COVID-19

CHARACTERS: MARIA: Woman in early 30’s. Has three school-going children and is married to Patrick. She rears chickens and sells eggs and chickens in the village. Maria is self-centred and likes attention. She is a member of the chama. ANETTE: Woman in early 30s. Maria’s friend and neighbour. She is an official in the chama…

Lockdown rage: Gender-based violence during COVID-19

Scene 1 SETTING: FORIWAA’S HOME CHARACTERS: FORIWAA, DANIEL, CHILDREN (SERWAA, BABY, & PAAPA) SFX: MUSIC   DANIEL: Darling, we have to talk. Lower the volume of the radio and come here. FORIWAA: Yes, dear. DANIEL: Look, I have been thinking about our situation at home, and I’m very concerned about our survival. Since the emergence…

Women farmers of Adiepena learn about registering land in Ghana

Scene 1 SETTING: AT THE FARM CHARACTERS: MAAYAA, LIZ, MR. AZIZ SFX: PHONE BEEPING MAAYAA: Hello, Maayaa … are you coming? Please hurry up. I’m almost there, and I can see some men, yes … yes … it’s just like Kofi said, they are mining sand on my farm! Okay … please come quick. And…

The power failure: Healing gaps in communication between teenagers and their parents

CHARACTERS: 1. Sam: Son of Ido and Katiana 2. Ido: Sam’s father and Katiana’s husband 3. Katiana: Sam’s mother and Ido’s wife 4. Abraham: Ido’s brother and Sam’s uncle     SCENE 1.   SETTING: Sam and Katiana’s living room. TIME: End of the morning (just before noon) SFX: LOW MUSIC COMING FROM A RADIO…

Farming wisdom: Enhancing lives with conservation agriculture

CHARACTERS: BAYU ABATE: age 50, husband of Weynitu, respected and well-off farmer. Doesn’t get good crop yields, but makes a good living by keeping and selling livestock. WEYNITU TESHALE: age 36, wife of Bayu, and mother of four children. She wants Temesgen to have his own land and always asks her husband to give it…