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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for May, this time all about methods for storing food and extending its shelf-life. The resources talk about ways to preserve both grains and fresh fruit and vegetables. Because of COVID-19, there are lockdowns or restricted access to livestock and food markets across Africa. These restrictions can make it difficult for farmers and vendors to earn income to afford food, and for consumers to access fresh foods. Thus, it’s especially critical for families to use effective methods to store food in order to ensure good nutrition and health.

This month’s theme pack includes six items from our Resource Packs, including three interview scripts, one two-host script, and two dramas. It also includes six Barza Wire Farmer stories. Two resources are available in Swahili.


Dried and delicious: Solar dryers help growers store fruits and vegetables longer

Farmers work together to safely store muskuwaari sorghum in northern Cameroon

Scientists are improving the traditional maize crib

Two-host script

Farmers adopt eco-friendly, zero-energy storage technique for vegetables in northern Ghana


Innovative farmer uses pounded maize cobs to protect stored maize

Three fishing ladies with a message about solar dryers

Barza Wire stories

The following resources are available in Swahili:

Mwongozo juu ya namna ya kuendesha mahojiano

Wanasayansi wanaboresha vichanja vya asili vya mahindi

Mwongozo juu ya namna ya kuandaa Maigizo

Mkulima mbunifu anatumia magunzi ya mahindi yaliyosagwa kuhifadhi mahindi