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Care of Trees After Transplanting

January 1, 1995

From the time of planting trees to the time of cutting trees can be a number of years. Because it’s such a long term effort, it might be worthwhile for you and your neighbours to talk about why you are planting the trees, where you are going to plant them and who is going to…

Transplanting Seedling Trees

January 1, 1995

If you want to grow your own seedlings in containers in your nursery, here is how to help your trees get a good start. First, prepare the place where you’ll be planting the trees. Uproot and clear away the grass and weeds to a distance of one pace (one metre) around the spot where you’re…

Where and When to Plant Trees

January 1, 1995

Where should you plant seedling trees? Begin by observing where the trees grow naturally. Plant the seedlings in a place that’s similar to where you got the seeds. Trees found sprouting by the roadside and in fields are best for planting in sunny, open areas. Trees growing in shade on the forest floor should only…

Starting Seedlings

January 1, 1995

Once you have decided what trees to plant and how to gather and prepare tree seeds for planting, you are ready to prepare the site. Choose a place with enough water to start the seeds off well. Be sure that the site is protected from the wind and from strong sun. You can start the…

Replace Every Tree you Lose

January 1, 1995

How often have you heard a farmer say something like this? “When we first lived here, we could just walk outside the door and pick up dry wood. Now, I have to walk for a whole day to find enough firewood to keep my family for a week. Soon I will have to walk 2…

Growing Bamboo

July 1, 1994

The valuable bamboo plant has many uses. It can be used to carry water, as building material, and to control erosion on riverbanks. But it is always in short supply. This is because bamboo is not usually cultivated by farmers. It just grows wild. Most types of bamboo grow shoots from underground stems called rhizomes….

How Trees Store Water and Protect Springs

July 1, 1994

Like good neighbours, trees and water help each other to prosper. Listen to the stories of your grandparents. They may say, “When we were children there were forests and trees all around, and there were cool springs of water that flowed from the hillsides or trickled into the rivers. We always said that spring water…

Participatory Experiments with Green Manure

January 1, 1994

Have you heard…? From Guatemala The Boca Costa of Sololá, Guatemala is located at the base of the Santo Tomas volcano. The main crops in the region are coffee and bananas (800 to 1400 metres), corn, and beans. The corn growing land is sloping, and soil erosion is a major problem. Maize yields in the…

Grow Your Own Living Fence

January 1, 1994

Save and edit this resource as a Word document Living fences are rows of trees or shrubs planted together to form a barrier. They are useful for farmers who need fences to mark boundaries, separate fields, keep animals from straying, form windbreaks, or support vines. Living fences are a good choice for many reasons. They…

Participant Notes

October 1, 1993

A Good Way to Grow Trees Suwaiba Suleiman Isah Current Affairs Officer Katsina State Radio and Television Service Nigeria The Nigerian Association of Women Journalists started a successful campaign to plant trees in parts of the country where the desert is creeping in. The people start planting at the beginning of the rainy season, so…