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Anemia, A Sickness of the Blood

July 1, 1996

Have you felt weak or dizzy lately? Does even a little bit of work make you tired or breathless? These are just a few of the symptoms of a sickness called anemia. But feeling fatigued does not have to be a normal part of your life. You get anemia mainly from not having enough of…

Prevent Blindness with Vitamin A

April 1, 1996

If your children are having trouble seeing, you probably want to put something special over their eyes _ a pair of eyeglasses. But for a common kind of vision problem, the kind that starts when a child has trouble seeing in dim light, you should put something special in their stomachs. The special something you…

Grow and Eat Nutritious Yams

October 1, 1994

In the Pacific, the yam is a popular and important food crop. In some places yams are eaten every day, particularly when they are in season. In other places yams are eaten only on special occasions. No matter how and when they are used, yams are recognised for their delicious flavour and cultural values. They…

Eat Grain Sprouts for Better Health

January 1, 1994

Eating grain sprouts improves your diet and stretches your budget at the same time. Like dry grain, grain sprouts, also simply called “sprouts” contain protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins A and B. But sprouts also contain vitamin C, which is missing in the dry grain. You need vitamin C to protect yourself against infections and…

Breastmilk Can Protect Your Baby from Sickness

October 1, 1993

Save and edit this resource as a Word document Content: Colostrum in breastmilk helps protect newborns from germs that cause tetanus, whooping cough, pneumonia, diphtheria, and stomach upsets. Mother: (shyly) I’m pregnant. Doctor: (laughing) Yes, I can see that. There’s no problem, is there? Have you just come for a check-up? Mother: No, you see,…

Prevent cholera: Radio spots or print media fillers

December 1, 1992

No. 1 Prevent cholera. Wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet or the latrine and before preparing food for eating. No. 2 Prevent cholera. Do not eat foods prepared in the streets. Buy whole fruits that are not peeled. No. 3 Prevent cholera. Eat foods that are cooked and hot….

Smart Eating Includes Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

March 1, 1992

Children and adults need to eat dark green leafy vegetables to keep healthy and strong. Some people think eating leaves is only for animals, or for times when no other food is available. Others think they should only eat leaves when they are ill. But green leaves are good, healthy, and necessary food every day….

Care of a Newborn Calf and its Mother

July 1, 1985

Here’s Barbara Peacock with some hints about care of newborn calves. Peacock:   Today I have some hints for anyone who has one or more cows and wants them to produce strong healthy calves that don’t get sick easily. To begin with, to have a healthy newborn calf, the calf’s mother must be healthy while…