Breastmilk Can Protect Your Baby from Sickness

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Content: Colostrum in breastmilk helps protect newborns from germs that cause tetanus, whooping cough, pneumonia, diphtheria, and stomach upsets.

Mother: (shyly) I’m pregnant.

Doctor: (laughing) Yes, I can see that. There’s no problem, is there? Have you just come for a check-up?

Mother: No, you see, I’ve heard there is something I should give my baby, right from the start, something that will protect him.

Doctor: (interjecting) Or her!

Mother: (laughing) Or her — something that will protect him or her from germs and diseases, something that’s very important.

Doctor: You’re right. There is something and it IS very important.

Mother: What is it?

Doctor: It’s called colostrum. It’s vital for your baby. You must give it as soon as he — or she — is born.

Mother: (worriedly) But how much does it cost? Is it easy to get?

Doctor: It’s free.

Mother: Free! Where do I get it?

Doctor: (laughs) You have it already — or you will soon. It’s in your breastmilk. It will protect your baby as soon as it’s born and as it grows. It will help protect the baby from germs that cause tetanus, whooping cough, pneumonia, diphtheria and stomach upsets.

Mother: Colostrum! In my breastmilk!

Doctor: Yes, your own breastmilk. It will protect her or him from viruses like those that cause influenza, measles and chicken pox.

Mother: Breastmilk! (loudly and with conviction)

Announcer: Yes, breastmilk. Breastfeed your baby from the beginning. It’s safe, it helps fight diseases, it contains everything a growing baby needs, and it’s free.

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This is one of 12 radio scripts produced by the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) and the International Organization of Consumers Unions (IOCU) in Penang, Malaysia. The scripts were designed to generate ideas and proposals for radio programs.

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