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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for January, this time about root and tuber crops.

This month’s theme pack includes 13 items from our Resource Packs, including five backgrounders, four interview scripts, three dramas, and one set of radio spots. It also includes seven Barza WireFarmer stories.Four resources are available in Swahili and four in Hausa.

Backgrounders and issue packs
📄Production of Irish potatoes
📄Post-harvest management of Irish potatoes
📄Good agricultural practices on cassava production, case of Côte d’Ivoire
📄Cassava mosaic disease
📄Post-harvest activities in cassava

📄It comes like fire: Managing late blight of potato in Nigeria
📄Ugandan farmers fight cassava mosaic disease with clean planting materials
📄Not all mosaics are lovely: Fighting cassava mosaic disease, cassava’s deadliest virus
📄Farmer uses good yam storage practices and improves his life

📄Be a hare, not a hyena: Growing standards for hard-working potato farmers
📄Mr. Bana’s mill: Quality standards for fresh potatoes and cassava
📄Garbage in, garbage out: Plant healthy cassava cuttings to keep your garden free of cassava mosaic disease

Radio spots
📄Radio spots on cassava

Barza Wire stories
📰Tanzania: Good planting practices improve Irish potato harvest
📰Nigeria: Farmers adopt recommended practices to manage late blight in Irish potato
📰Malawi: Cassava farmers reap the benefits of joining a processing co-operative
📰Uganda: Farmers boost income with high quality cassava flour
📰Democratic Republic of Congo: Farmer protects sweet potatoes with homemade pesticide
📰Uganda: Radio helps farmers find better markets for orange-fleshed sweet potatoes
📰Malawi: Soap made from cassava peels boosts farmers’ income

Resources in Swahili

📄Maelezo mahususi: Batobato ugonjwa wa mihogo
📄Taarifa za awali: Usindikaji wa muhogo

📄Taka ndani, Taka nje: Panda vipando salama vya mihogo kuepuka ugonjwa wa Batobato shambani mwako

Barza Wire stories
📰Tanzania: Mbinu bora za kilimo za boresha mavuno ya viazi

Resources in Hausa

📄Shimfida: Noman Dankalin Turawa
📄Shimfida: Kula da dankali bayan Girbi

📄Yazo kamar wuta: Kula da cutar burtuntuna ta dankalin turawa a Nijeriya

Barza Wire stories
📰Nigeria: Manoma a Nijeriya sun dauki shawarwarin aiki na kula da cutar dake kama tsiran dankalin turawa