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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for December. This time, we include a variety of scripts and Barza Wire stories on food safety, environmentally-friendly farming practices, and the benefits of producing and consuming locally.

This month’s theme pack includes 13 items from our Resource Packs, including two backgrounders, two narratives, eight interview-based scripts, and one drama. We also include seven Barza Wire stories.


Backgrounder: Integrated pest management (IPM)

Backgrounder: Using conservation tillage and soil cover in conservation agriculture


Keeping food safe – Part one

Keeping food safe – Part two


Restoring the past for a brighter future: Recovering and improving traditional seeds in Safo, Mali

Ethiopian farmers restore indigenous seed varieties

Bushbabies are meat, too: Farmers in Malawi use indigenous plants to manage pests and livestock diseases

Farmers triple sorghum yield thanks to mulch farming

Farmer uses red ants to protect fruit trees against pests

Innovative farmer uses pounded maize cobs to protect stored maize

Sawdust prolongs the storage life of potatoes

Rebuilding the land II – plugging the soil leaks


Preserving wild food plants ensures a better future for all

Barza Wire stories

The following resource is available in Amharic:


መነሻ : በእቀባ ግብርና የእቀባ እርሻን እና የመሬት ሽፋንን መጠቀም

The following resource is available in Portuguese:


Utilização do trabalho de conservação do solo e cobertura vegetal na agricultura de conservaçã


The following resources are available in Swahili:

Ufafanuzi: Ulimaji wa kina kifupi kwenye kilimo hifadhi

Mkulima mbunifu anatumia magunzi ya mahindi yaliyosagwa kuhifadhi mahindi

Maranda ya mbao yaongeza maisha ya ghala kwa viazi batata

Tanzania: Wanakijiji wakisafiri mbali maporini kutafuta mboga za asili zinazozidi kupotea kutokana na shughuliza kibinadamu