# 85: Rice

For a good rice harvest, healthy seed is essential. Unripe grains or grains that have been damaged by insects are lighter in weight than healthy grains so they can be removed if you float them in water before sowing. Grains with black or brown spots are also unhealthy but these grains are not necessarily lighter so they can’t be removed by the floating method.

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# 82: Rural Women and Girls

This package addresses a range of rural women’s health issues, including the intersection between HIV/AIDS and domestic violence; the impact of selenium consumption on HIV positive individuals; maternal and child depression; female genital cutting; the loss of agricultural knowledge when parents die of AIDS; the health (and economic and social) benefits of fonio in West Africa; health concerns related to women and farming tools; a story of women improving their lives through processing shea butter; modifying old traditions so that they work today; and the practice of “breast ironing” in Cameroon and other West African countries.

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# 81: Farmer Innovation

The African Rice Centre (WARDA) recently coordinated a contest in which prizes were awarded to top local agricultural innovations from Gambia, Ghana, Guinea and Mali. On April 20, 2007, representatives from each of the countries involved in the competition took part in a one-day scriptwriting workshop at WARDA in Benin. In this workshop they learned how to share the winning agricultural innovations through radio scripts.

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