Our core program has two main streams. One develops content for radio programs that are relevant to smallholder farmers. The second helps build our partners' skills and knowledge for providing farmers with better communication services. Please check out the resources we have made available free of charge:

Farm Radio Resource Packs

Farm Radio International researches and writes radio scripts. Topics we cover include crop production, environment management, farm and household management, food safety, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and agriculture, children on farms, farm safety, youth in rural areas, farm income, women farmers, and more. We send these scripts, free of charge, in English and French, to our partners in sub-Saharan Africa, where they are adapted to local conditions, translated into hundreds of languages, and broadcast to a potential audience of several hundred million people. These scripts are also available on our website:
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Barza Wire

Barza Wire brings news, scripts, features, resources and events into your inbox every week. It provides information and inspiration for farm radio broadcasters, journalists and agricultural development staff across Africa. It is available online, and is one of several free resources for broadcasters provided by Farm Radio International, which aim at supporting small-scale farming families. The news stories and scripts focus on small-scale farmers, their experiences and their concerns. All scripts and many stories are written by local journalists and writers. Other stories, plus information about upcoming events, training opportunities and resources, are collected from a variety of internet sources.
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Barza Online Community

As our network has grown, technology has changed and the time was ripe to offer a new way for broadcasters to connect with each other and share resources: enter Barza, the online community for African radio broadcasters. Barza is a French Congolese word with Kiswahili roots which means, “The place where people in a village meet under a tree to talk and sort out questions concerning the community.” We wanted to create a space for broadcasters, who all share similar experiences even though they can be thousands of kilometres apart, to interact and share resources with their peers.
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Farm Radio International has been offering distance education programs since 2007 on scriptwriting and participatory research. This year, in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), we are offering a free on-line training program that walks broadcasters through the steps involved in actually designing and creating a farmer radio program from the ground up.
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Voices Newsletter

Voices newsletter is distributed to broadcasting partners with each package of radio scripts. It provides information and resources related to each package theme, includes broadcaster training articles, and offers a forum for partners to share experiences and lessons learned.
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