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Water-efficient gardens: Water is life.

September 23, 2016

Fade up signature tune and hold for 15 seconds to start the show. Signature tune fades out under host’s voice. HOST:                                   Hello, listeners! Welcome to (name of farmer program) on (name of radio station). This program is dedicated to one of the most important issues facing farmers today—how to use water more efficiently in their…

Rainwater From Large Rock Surfaces Can Be Used To Irrigate Crops: A New Technology From Kibaale District, Uganda

June 4, 2012

Programme signature tune. HOST: Good day, dear farmers, and welcome to our farming programme. Today we will talk about tapping water from the surface of large rocks to use in irrigation. We are privileged to have Mr. Bahindura John with us. Mr. John is an agricultural officer who specializes in irrigation practices and extension of technology…

Drip Irrigation

June 4, 2012

Signature tune Presenter: Dear listener, this is Mang’elete 89.1 F.M, broadcasting from Nthongoni town in Kibwezi district in the Eastern Province of Kenya. My name is Dominic Mutua Maweu, and I am presenting to you the Environment program. You have all witnessed the shortage of rain we have been experiencing in this area in recent years….

Rainfall retention protects soil

June 4, 2012

Cue in signature tune to begin the broadcast. The signature tune fades after 20 seconds and dissolves under the voice of the program host. Program host: Good morning, dear friends and listeners of Radio Salus. Welcome to today’s broadcast, whose theme is “Rainfall retention protects soil.” We are going to talk about some of the things…

Sekedo, a drought resistant sorghum for Karamoja

June 4, 2012

Signature tune to introduce the programme HOST: Hello and welcome to this week’s edition. It is feared that Africa will in the near future experience reduction in yields of staple crops like maize, millet and sorghum, which are consumed by many people. This is because of the increase in temperatures and the change in the rainy…

A decade of success: community-owned project brings tapped water to village in western Kenya

May 30, 2012

Thematic music to introduce the programme HOST: Welcome, listeners, to our programme. Today we visit a community water project in Kericho District, 300 kilometres northwest of Nairobi, Kenya. Kericho district is well known for tea production, which is a major source of foreign exchange for Kenya. However, poverty is still high, with levels being estimated at…

Improving water and sanitation in Dindima, Bauchi State, Nigeria

May 30, 2012

Play signature tune and fade out PRESENTER: Hello and welcome. Today, we begin a three-part series on water and sanitation in Dindima, Bauchi State, Nigeria. I have a guest with me in the studio. (To the guest) First of all, we would like you to introduce yourself. DANLAMI MUHAMMADU RUMFA: I’m happy to be part of the…

Irrigated farming improves the income of rural farmers

May 30, 2012

OKOMKWO: Noma tushen arziki! (Editor’s note: This means “Farming: a source of wealth creation” in the Hausa language.) Signature tune up, then fades under presenter OKOMKWO: Welcome to Noman tushen arziki, a program that brings you the latest information and developments in farming. Today we are going to look at how irrigated farming improves the income of…

Clean water and a clean environment make a better life

May 30, 2012

Characters Nana Kwaku Forkuo: a village elder and opinion leader Maa Fatima: woman opinion leader Benedict Agyei Boahen: Member of Parliament for the area Vanessa Gyamfuah Agyei Boahen: the assembly member of the local council Some children in the village Cue in signature tune to begin the broadcast. The signature tune fades after 30 seconds…

Creative farmers modify borehole to irrigate fruit trees in the dry season

May 30, 2012

Characters: Host Mr. Ojok Christopher: farmer and leader of the Ajokis Edeke farm Ms. Adongo Norah: farmer Mr. Okello Michael: farmer Ms. Asio Grace: farmer Ms. Inachu Loyce: farmer Mr. Edongu Simon: farmer Program jingle HOST: Welcome to our program about farming today. Today, we have a special programme about agriculture, water and sanitation. It is…