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Farmer-managed natural regeneration in Ghana

November 28, 2023

SFX:  Signature tune THEN FADE UNDER HOST:  Hello listeners, welcome back to our farmer program, Farm right. Today, we have a special focus on an interesting practice called Farmer-managed natural regeneration, or FMNR. According to World Agroforestry, FMNR is an affordable and easy way of restoring and improving agricultural, forest, and pasture lands. It promotes…

New farming techniques bring hope for food security in Batoka, Zambia

November 21, 2023

Alice Lungu:  Batoka is a small town in the southern province of Zambia. It has already experienced adverse effects from climate change, including a huge decrease in agricultural productivity, an increase in deaths of livestock resulting from loss of feed, dried-up rivers and other water bodies, and flooding. The government of Zambia and its partners…

Nature-based Solutions

April 27, 2023

Definition of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) Nature-based Solutions can be defined as “actions to protect, sustainably manage and restore natural and modified ecosystems in ways that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, to provide both human well-being and biodiversity benefits,” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). NbS targets major challenges such as…