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Land Ownership Rights: Access Denied – Why Women Need Equal Access to Land

October 1, 2000

MUSIC (Bring up program theme or other music…run for 10 seconds…fade under host…). Characters Narrator: Program host. Grace: Woman farmer. She is concerned about women’s right to inherit land. Simon: Grace’s husband. Narrator:   Coming Up: Access Denied…a drama exploring why women need equal access to land. MUSIC (Bring up Program Theme…run for 10 seconds…). Introduction (Narrator) :  They plow it…

Who Owns the Trees?

April 1, 2000

Story #1: Two men and a tree ANNOUNCER/INTERVIEWER: A man is walking down the road, carrying an axe. He is on his way to chop down a tree. He plans to sell the wood — he needs the money. On the path he meets his neighbour, also carrying an axe. As they walk together they…

Why Women Need to Know About Land Rights

July 1, 1995

As a woman farmer, whether you own, rent, or borrow the land you cultivate, it is important to learn more about your rights to the land. Knowing more about land laws and regulations can affect the way you farm and the well-being of your family. One of the most important parts of farming is having…