Let us plant trees: Radio spots or print media fillers



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Spot No. 1: Length: 86 words; 35 seconds (approx.)

Look at that plot of yours. You have planted tea, coffee, maize, bananas, and other crops. Those other fields you have left for your cows to graze. All that is okay and fine. You need the cash crops for some cash. You need the food crops for your daily meals. The cows provide you with milk. Only one thing is missing. You have not planted trees. You need firewood to prepare your meals. To make your future supply of firewood secure, plant a lot of trees.

Spot No. 2: Length: 66 words; 35 seconds (approx.)

Do you complain that land is getting scarce? Do you have to cut down trees to grow crops? Don’t worry. Turn to agroforestry. Agroforestry is the growing of crops and trees together. Agroforestry can increase the productivity of land. When leaves fall to the ground, they rot and increase soil fertility. Be careful though. Don’t allow your trees to give too much shade to the crops.

Spot No. 3L Length: 63 words; 25 seconds (approx.)

Plant trees. Every time you see a piece of firewood going up in smoke, remember that is one more dead tree. Plant one or more trees every day. Look after the trees you plant as carefully as you look after a young child. Plant more trees for a safe and clean environment in the future. Serve yourself and your neighbours by planting trees.

Spot No. 4: Length: 94 words; 40 seconds (approx.)

When I was young the area around my home was forest. As young boys and girls, we could play games by hiding from each other in the beautiful thick bushes and trees, being cheered on by the shrill songs of the birds. From our mother came the order: “Go and fetch firewood.” We could then go through the thick bushes, eating wild fruits all the way, and emerge minutes later carrying heaps of firewood. Where have all those trees gone? It is we who have cut them down. Please, let us plant them again.

Spot No. 5: Length: 111 words; 50 seconds (approx.)

We all need trees! Trees provide fuel for cooking and lumber for building homes and furniture. Many other products come from trees such as paper, oils, rubber, and medicine. We get fruits and nuts from trees. Trees protect the soil. And trees bring rain. But everyone can see that as we cut down more and more trees, the forests are disappearing. We can’t stop cutting because we need trees to survive. What we must do is to plant more trees! If we plant more than we cut, then we will have enough trees to meet all our needs and our children will enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by beautiful forests.

Spot No. 6: Length: 98 words; 40 seconds (approx.)

How can trees reduce our need for medicine? First, we use medicine to prevent or treat diseases like trachoma, diarrhea, typhoid, and scabies. Second, we get these diseases from drinking dirty water because we do not have enough clean water. In the old days when there were many trees, there were springs on hillsides and plenty of good wells. In those days, people, and especially children did not suffer from these diseases so they did not need so much medicine. If we plant trees, we will have more springs and more clean water for ourselves and our children.

Spot No. 7: Length: 106 words: 50 seconds (approx.)

How can trees reduce our need for medicine? Think about the fact that lots of medicine given out is for things like trachoma, diarrhea, typhoid, and scabies. These diseases come from a lack of clean water. This lack of clean water is often due to a lack of springs. This lack of springs is almost always due to lack of trees above the spring area. So in a way, the children at the hospital or dispensary are suffering from a lack of trees in their area. If we plant trees, we will have more springs and more clean water for ourselves and our children to drink


Information sources

James Nyamache, Kenya