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Here is our theme pack for January, this time about agroecological agriculture.

Agroecological agriculture is the application of ecological principles to the management of agricultural and food systems, and integrates social, biological, and agricultural science with traditional knowledge. Agroecological approaches to farming often use practices such as crop rotation and intercropping, and use biological solutions (rather than chemical ones) to manage pests and ensure that soil is fertile.

This pack consists of six elements, including one backgrounder, three interview scripts, one set of radio spots, and one Barza Wire story. Four resources are available in Swahili.

πŸ—Ž Benefits of crop companion planting and mutualism

πŸ—Ž Addressing the challenges of soil erosion and degradation in Karatu, Tanzania
πŸ—Ž Selecting seeds and storing them for next season with agroecological principles
πŸ—Ž Preparing feed for local chickens in agroecological ways

Radio spots
πŸ—Ž Radio spots on agroecological agriculture in Tanzania

Barza Wire story
πŸ—Ž Tanzania: Farmers reduce costs by feeding local chickens with locally-available food

The following resources are available in Swahili:

πŸ—Ž Faida za upandaji wa Mazao mbalimbali kwa njia ya mseto

πŸ—Ž Kutatua changamoto za mmomonyoko na uharibifu wa udongo huko Karatu, Tanzania
πŸ—Ž Kuchagua mbegu na kuzihifadhi kwa msimu ujao kwa kuzingatia kanuni za kilimo

Radio spots
πŸ—Ž Matangazo ya Redio kuhusu kilimo cha ikolojia nchini Tanzania

This theme pack is undertaken with the financial support of the Biovision Foundation.