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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for May, which includes resources on soil fertility and soil health.

This month’s theme pack contains eight items from our Resource Packs: three backgrounders, two interview scripts, one series of spots, one two-host discussion, and one narrative. It also includes six Farmer stories.


Organic fertilizers

Using permanent soil cover in conservation agriculture

Soil health

Interview scripts

Kuapa, nea ofo dua pa na yepia no (Help is given only to those who make an effort): Farmers try no-till farming in Ghana’s Ashanti Region

Are burning crop residues and grass good for soil health and fertility? Views from a farmer and an agricultural researcher


Radio spots on the 4R approach to applying fertilizer

Two-host discussion

The benefits of conservation agriculture


Handling animal manure

Barza Wire stories

Senegal: Homemade organic manure fertilizes soil, boosts income

Uganda: Fertilizer helps coffee farmers increase yields

Ethiopia: Crop rotation, intercropping, and mulching help farmers improve soil fertility and productivity

Kenya: Farmers grow jack beans to improve soil fertility and reduce soil erosion

Kenya: Trees help farmers restore soil fertility and increase crop production

Tanzania: Farmers conserve soil in hilly farms with minimum tillage and crop residues

The following resources are available in Swahili:

Utangulizi: Utumiaji wa mazao funika kwenye kilimo hifadhi

Tanzania: Wakulima watunza udongo kwa kufanya kilimo hifadhi, kukwatua kwa kina kifupi na kuacha mabaki ya mazao shambani

The following resources are available in Amharic:

መነሻ: በዕቀባ እርሻ ቋሚ የመሬት ሽፋንን መጠቀም

የዕቀባ እርሻ

The following resources are available in Portuguese:

Utilizar a cobertura permanente do solo na agricultura de conservação

Queima de resíduos e da erva, uma boa prática para a saúde e fertilidade dos solos? Os pontos de vista de uma agricultora e uma investigadora agrícola