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Here is our first theme pack of FRI resources for the new year. This time, our resources cover various aspects of poultry production and marketing.

This month’s theme pack includes ten items from our Resource Packs, including one narrative, one backgrounder, five interviews, two dramas, and one set of radio spots. It also includes five Barza Wire stories.


A House to Keep Chickens Healthy


Chicken diseases


External parasites of chickens: Impact and management

Why insects might be the ideal feed for chickens and fish, part I

Why insects might be the ideal feed for chickens and fish, part 2

Farmer uses vet’s advice to save chickens from Newcastle disease

Nomadic people fight fowl pox in Mali


Adventures of Neddy: A community animal health worker helps a village manage Newcastle disease

Chickens Eat Ticks on Cattle

Radio spots

Avian Influenza Spots

Barza Wire stories

Senegal: Keeping urban chickens healthy, even in small spaces

Ethiopia: Farmers hire village vaccinators to protect chickens from Newcastle disease

Kenya: Chickens give farmers new hope when the rains fail

Niger: Young farmer succeeds with chickens

Kenya: Poultry farmers benefit from vaccinations and community bank


The following resources are available in Swahili:

Mkulima anatumia ushauri wa Mtaalam wa mifugo ili kuokoa kuku kutokana na ugonjwa wa kideri

Uvumbuzi wa Neddy: Mfanyakazi wa afya ya wanyama asaidia kijiji kudhibiti ugonjwa wa Kideri


The following resource is available in Hausa

Kasadar mabukata: Wani ma’aikacin lafiyar dabba unguwa na taimaka wa tafiyar da cutar Newcastle


Two resources are also available in Oromo:

Jabdummaa Saamu’eel: Ogeessi hawaasummaa fayyaa horii to’annoo dhukkuba kuffisaa/Newcastle ilaalchisee ganda baadiyaaf gargaarsa laata

Dhibeewwan Lukkuu

This theme pack is undertaken with the financial support of IFC as part of the Scaling Poultry Radio Program in Ethiopia.