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Animal health

From Theme packs 2019


A healthy animal is a productive animal. Here is our latest monthly theme pack of FRI resources, this month all about livestock health. The theme pack includes 14 Resource Pack items and 7 Barza Wire stories. Two items are available in Hausa. Many items are available in Swahili, so it has been published as a separate theme pack.

Interview scripts

Care of a newborn calf and its mother

External parasites of chickens: Impact and management

Farmer uses vet’s advice to save chickens from Newcastle disease

Nomadic people fight fowl pox in Mali

Animal welfare: A well-treated animal is a productive animal


Adventures of Neddy: A community animal health worker helps a village manage Newcastle disease

How to prevent and treat parasitic roundworms in cattle: advice from a veterinarian and a herder

The Adventures of Neddy the Paravet: The Value of Indigenous Veterinary Practices

Biosecurity – A New Way to Look at Avian Flu Prevention


Avian Influenza Spots

Backgrounders / issue packs

Managing livestock diseases: Mycoplasmosis and coccidiosis

Chicken diseases

Storysheet—Livestock Health

A Guide for Broadcasters to Some Important Livestock Diseases


The following resources are available in Hausa:

Jindadin dabbobi: Dabba da aka kula dashi sosai dabba mai albarka ke nan

Kasadar mabukata: Wani ma’aikacin lafiyar dabba unguwa na taimaka wa tafiyar da cutar Newcastle

Barza Wire stories

This theme pack is supported by Elanco Animal Health