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Here is our latest monthly theme pack of FRI resources, this month about rice, sesame, and fonio.

The theme pack includes 20 scripts from Resource Packs and 14 Farmer stories from Barza Wire.



Combine different methods to keep birds away from rice fields
How to prepare a rice nursery
Growing and processing top quality rice will get you top money
Growing NERICA is a farming solution for coping with climate change
Powder of little pepper protects stored rice
Scarecrows and cassette tapes protect rice fields against bird pests
Two women rice farmers discuss their best seed saving practices
Dr. Rice Panicle answers questions about rice and soil fertility
Dry rice seed off the ground to ensure top quality
Backgrounder: Rice production
Integrated rice-fish farming improves Mohamed Farota’s life
Higher yields and less weeding if you transplant rice from a nursery
Parboiled rice is easy to mill, cook, and sell
Protect your rice crop against birds
Rice farming: Yaayaa adopts new methods and gets a bountiful harvest
Select only your best rice seed with floatation and manual sorting
Growing New Rice for Africa: A Participatory Radio Campaign helps farmers improve their lives
Rice farmers use an integrated approach for success in weed management
Using high quality rice seed in northern Ghana

Barza Wire stories

Senegal: Consumers want local rice, but market complications make it hard to find</a.
Senegal: Urban youth find jobs selling local rice
Ghana: Young rice seller and family profit from hearing market prices on the radio
Burkina Faso: Rice farmers diversify by raising fish in paddies
Benin: New stove boosts income for women rice farmers (Inter Press Service)
Nigeria: Small-scale rice farmers lament decline of local rice (Vanguard Media)
Kenya: Upland rice gives hope to small-scale maize farmers
Burundi: Rice farmers get better harvests with motorized tiller
Senegal: Villages advance towards self-sufficiency in rice (IPS)
Malawi: Rice farming pulls widow out of poverty
Burkina Faso: Women parboilers union helps rice farmers
Burkina Faso: Women solve fuel problem with rice husks

Tanzania: Sesame co-op improves yields, sales and income
Niger: Men return to growing sesame

The following resources are available in Hausa:
Hada hannyoyi daban daban ka kore tsuntsaye daga gonar shinkafar ka</a.
A guji shannya shinkafa a kasa domin tabbatar da saman darajar
Zabi mafi kyawon kwayar shinkafar ka ta jiko da tsinta

The following resources are available in Swahili:
Kausha mbegu za mpunga bila kuziweka ardhini ili upate mazao yenye ubora
Kilimo cha aina mpya ya mpunga kwa Afrika: Kampeni Shirikishi ya redio huwasaidia wakulima kuboresha maisha yao

We hope that this kind of “one-stop shop” on selected topics is useful, and that you can use the resources in this month’s theme pack to make effective programming on rice, sesame, and fonio.

Please note that two of the older scripts were written when FRI was known as DCFRN, or the Developing Countries Farm Radio Network.

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