Suggested interview questions

Suggested interview questions are a list of questions and follow-up questions for an interview on a particular topic.

Use them when preparing for an interview with an expert on the same or similar topic. Add or adapt the questions to your context.

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Suggested interview questions about unpaid care work

Suggested questions for unpaid care workers (women) 1. We are here to discuss unpaid care work—the work done at home and for the benefit of the family, without payment. To start, please introduce yourself and tell us about your family. a. What is your name, your age, your marital status? Where do you live? How…

Questions about veterinary paraprofessionals

Suggested questions for private sector veterinary paraprofessionals Please introduce yourself and explain what you do in your work as a VPP. Please tell us about the type of farming communities you typically engage with. Please tell us about the range of services you provide to both women and men farmers. What aspects of your work…

Gender-based violence

Questions for women survivors of gender-based violence 1. I understand that you have experienced gender-based violence. Thank you for being here to share your experiences today. How did it start? a. What was the nature of the violence? b. How long did it last? c. How did you feel at the time? 2. What did…

What to ask experts about sexual and reproductive health

1. What is sexual and reproductive health? a. Do you feel that the average adult man or woman knows enough about their body, and their sexual and reproductive health? Please explain. b. Do you feel that the average adolescent or young women or man knows enough about their body and their sexual and reproductive health?…

What to ask men and women about their experiences with sexual and reproductive health and rights

1. What does sexual and reproductive health mean to you? a. How do you take care of your sexual and reproductive health? b. Are you comfortable discussing sexual and reproductive health openly with your sexual partner? Why or why not? c. Are you comfortable discussing sexual and reproductive health openly with your family? Your friends?…

Chronic COVID-19, or long COVID

Questions for health experts on chronic COVID-19, or long COVID 1. What is chronic COVID-19, or long COVID? a. Follow-up questions: i. What is the cause of chronic COVID-19, or long COVID? ii. What are the symptoms of chronic COVID-19, or long COVID? iii. What should a person do if they think they have chronic…

Impact of the pandemic on women and other vulnerable groups

  Suggested questions about women and girls   1. Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected women’s economic status? a. If yes, how? i. Are price increases on food and other household items affecting women and their families’ food security? If so, how? ii. For women who had to close their business during the pandemic, what challenges…

Fake news, misinformation, and COVID-19

1. Please explain what misinformation is. a. Follow-up questions: a.i. Where might someone see misinformation? Might they see it, for example, on the internet, on social media, or on WhatsApp? Where else might they see or hear it? a.ii. What does misinformation look or sound like? For example, does it come through images, videos, written…

Suggested interview questions: COVID-19 vaccine information and preventative measures

1. Why were vaccines developed to address COVID-19 rather than conventional cures such as oral medications? a. Follow-up questions: a.i. Is a vaccine easier or faster to develop than medication? a.i.1. How long did it take to develop the COVID-19 vaccine? a.i.1.a. How was the COVID-19 vaccine developed so quickly? a.ii. Are there currently any…

Managing VSLAs safely during COVID

1. How have VSLA members been financially impacted by COVID-19? a. Follow-up questions: a.i.    How have members’ income-generating activities been affected by the need for safe distancing? By lockdowns? By restricted transportation? By other measures or situations? a.ii.   Have VSLA members been able to make adjustments that allow them to continue their income-generating activities?…