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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for July, which includes resources on a variety of different legume crops, including many brand new scripts, backgrounders, and stories.

This month’s theme pack contains seven items from our Resource Packs: three backgrounders and four interview scripts. It also includes three Farmer stories. There is one resource in Portuguese.

Post-harvest activities in soybeans in Malawi
Good agronomic practices for legume production in Ethiopia, focusing on faba bean
Best production and post-harvest practices for organic soybean

Interview scripts
Marketing pigeon peas in Mozambique: Challenges and solutions
Recommended post-harvest actions to maximize soybean quality and value
Managing pests in stored cowpeas
Adding value to farm produce: Soybeans

Barza Wire stories
Ethiopia: Farmers grow faba beans to boost family nutrition and health
Togo: New seed varieties and best agricultural practices help groundnut producers
Malawi: Farmers acquire and maintain good quality groundnut seed to improve yield

The following resource is available in Portuguese:
Comercialização do feijão bóer em Moçambique: Desafios e Soluçõe