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March 21 is the International Day of Forests, and this year, the day promotes education to “Learn to Love Forests.” March 22 is World Water Day, and this year’s theme is water and climate change, and how the two are inextricably linked.

This month’s theme pack includes 11 items from our Resource Packs: one backgrounder, six interview scripts, two dramas, and two sets of radio spots. The theme pack also includes seven Barza Wire Farmer stories. Two resources are available in Swahili and one in Hausa.


Issue Pack: Water harvesting




Barza Wire stories

The following resources are available in Swahili:

Maji ni uhai. Yagawe.

Kenya: Miti husaidia wakulima katika urutubishaji wa ardhi na kuongeza uzalishaji wa mazao

The following resource is available in Hausa:

Manomar Niger na cin moriyan barin bishiyoyi su tsira akan filayen su