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Here is our latest monthly theme pack of FRI resources, this month about pest management. The theme pack includes twelve scripts and seven Farmer stories from Barza Wire.

Farmer makes his own biopesticide with neem
When opportunity knocks, open the door wide: Managing pests in cowpeas
A simple but effective trap for stable flies
Scarecrows and cassette tapes protect rice fields against bird pests
A farmer uses jatropha to protect his young oil palm seedlings from rodents
A farmer suffocates stem borers to death and saves his cocoa farm
Innovative farmer uses pounded maize cobs to protect stored maize
Powder of little pepper protects stored rice
Is an insect always a pest?
Protect stored grain from beetle damage
The ‘push-pull’ approach to controlling stem borers in maize
Dealing with rats

Barza Wire stories
Tanzania: Farmers and researchers scramble for solutions to Fall armyworm ahead of maize season
DRC: Farmers work together to keep animals out of their fields
Cameroon: Farmer makes his own biological insecticide
Zimbabwe: Farmers brace for a bad season as Fall armyworm looms (IRIN)
Democratic Republic of Congo: Farmer protects sweet potatoes with homemade pesticide
Benin & Zimbabwe: Farmers face fall armyworms armed with pesticides (BBC Afrique & IRIN)
Malawi: Tomato farmers use pesticides to protect their livelihoods

We hope that this kind of “one-stop shop” on selected topics is useful, and that you can use the resources in this month’s theme pack to make effective programming on nutrition. Please note that four of the older scripts were written when FRI was known as DCFRN, or the Developing Countries Farm Radio Network.