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Here is our theme pack of FRI resources for October, this time about an always important issue: gender. These resources talk about women’s poor access to land and how to improve it, the specific impacts of COVID-19 on women and girls, sexual and reproductive health practices, and a variety of other gender issues.

This month’s theme pack includes 10 recent items from our Resource Packs, including three backgrounders, four interview scripts, two dramas, and one set of radio spots. It also includes nine Barza Wire Farmer stories. Four resources are available in Swahili.


The rights of rural women in Burkina Faso

Rights of rural women in Mali

Gender inequalities in land rights in Africa

Interview scripts

Female genital mutilation in the Kolda Region of Senegal: A practice that persists

The importance of a healthy diet for pregnant women

Maternal and infant mortality, why don’t we talk about it?

Sexual consent


Women farmers of Adiepena learn about registering land in Ghana

Beans, a family affair: A drama about women growing and marketing common beans — Part 1

Radio spots

Radio spots on COVID-19 – part two

Barza Wire stories


The following resources are available in Swahili:

Drama : Wanawake wanajiwezesha: Mchezo kuhusu wanawake kulima na kuuuza maharage — Part 1

Radio spots : Matangazo ya Redio kuhusu COVID-19 – sehemu ya pili

Barza Wire stories :

Benin: Vikundi vya akiba na kukopa vijiji vinajitahidi kupambana kwa sababu ya COVID-19

Tanzania: COVID-19 inawalazimisha wachuuzi wa kike kuuza kwa kutumia njia