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The theme pack includes 12 items from our Resource Packs: 10 interview scripts and two backgrounders. The theme pack also includes 15 Barza Wire Farmer stories and one other Barza Wire resource. These resources focus on various aspects of fruit and vegetable farming, including production practices, managing pests and diseases, good post-harvest and storage practices, and reducing post-harvest losses.


How growing okra serves women in Bakay Wèrè

Reviving banana production to boost production and income in Ugunja District, western Kenya

Three times the effort for ten times the yield: Growing tomatoes in Nigeria

Sack farming: Unlimited vegetable harvest!

Farmer uses red ants to protect fruit trees against pests

Our matoke will survive: Ugandan farmers fight banana bacterial wilt

Dried and delicious: Solar dryers help growers store fruits and vegetables longer

Mangoes for all seasons: Kenyan farmers profit by drying and selling mangoes all year round

Packed and ready to go: Good quality packaging and handling boosts income from tomato sales

Farmers adopt eco-friendly, zero-energy storage technique for vegetables in northern Ghana


The following resources are available in Hausa:
Shimfida: Rage Asara Tumatur Bayan an Gama Girbi

The following resources are available in Kenyan Swahili:
Jinsi ya kupunguza hasara inayokadiriwa baada ya kuvuna maembe

Barza Wire stories

Other Barza Wire resources

How to grow vining vegetables in small spaces

The following Barza Wire story is available in Swahili